Norwegian Summer Festival Guide 2024

A community made festival guide for norwegian electronic music in 2024.

Monument, 1st - 4th August

Veggli, Telemark

Monument Festival is a four-day electronic music festival in the Forgotten Valley, near Oslo, Norway. It attracts ravers and music lovers worldwide, offering a blend of deep electronic music, nature, and community. At sunrise, festival-goers can enjoy yoga with ambient soundtracks and dance under summer skies. By night, attendees gather around the fire, fostering new and old connections, soundtracked by some of the finest DJs and live artists from around the world.

This year's lineup features a diverse range of artists from around the world, showcasing the best in cutting edge electronic music including Wata Igarashi, Sansibar and DJ Nobu.

Expect the best sound in Norway, visuals from another world, hypnotic music, lots of dance floor hugs and a stunning natural setting. As this is Monuments fifth year anniversary, we know they will deliver something special…

Soria Gathering, 20th - 24th June

Værøy, Lofoten

The sun holds ritualistic significance in the Nordics, celebrated through solstice gatherings for thousands of years. This year's Soria Gathering invites attendees to the Lofoten Islands for a five-day festival of tribal electronic music and deep connection with Nordic nature. Beyond the Arctic Circle, participants celebrate the never-setting sun with fire, art, movement, and bass.

Visitors can immerse in Værøy's raw beauty, where the festival site is an art piece. Attendees can rejuvenate with yoga, breath work, or sound-healing sessions, and join sun ceremonies. Check out their most-comprehensive event guide here. This year's lineup includes artists such as Andreas Henneberg, Ness, Luigi Tozzi, Sebastian Mullaert and many more.

Musikkfest, 1st June


On Saturday, June 1st, Musikkfest Oslo returns for its 32nd year. The entire city transforms into a festival arena with performances in streets, parks, squares, and public spaces. Offering a wide variety of free music, the event features over 50 stages and 500 artists, catering to all musical tastes. Let's hope for great weather this year!

Enjoy an incredible lineup of artists such as Uteklubb, Streetback Boys, Extra Delicious and more.

Vårlys, 29th May - 2nd June

Herøya, Telemark

Vårlys is a Burning Man-inspired event at Herøya in Steinsfjorden, inviting participants to co-create a magical weekend in the Norwegian landscape. Guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man, the non-profit, volunteer-driven festival relies on contributions from attendees.

Join the five unforgettable days where dreamers create a unique cultural gathering. Vårlys celebrates shared experiences, inclusion, sustainability, and artistic exploration. Be part of Vårlys 2024 to ignite inspiration and foster meaningful connections.

Sober Summer Beat Festival, 8th August

Nesodden, Akershus

At Sober Summer Beat Festival, there's something for everyone; health, yoga, movement, workshops and a space for people of all ages to come together and engage in dance, play - and most importantly, an amazing atmosphere!

Insomnia, 17th - 19th October

Tromsø, Troms

Since 2002, Insomnia Festival has fostered global friendships and innovation in electronic music as a non-profit event. It supports the northern electronic music scene's growth by providing a platform for emerging and established artists. The festival features live concerts, DJ events, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, performances, installations, and debates. The Cloud talent program, supported by SNN Samfunnsløftet and Talent Norway, nurtures new regional talent in electronic music and related arts.

Ekko Festival, November?

Bergen, Vestland

From 2023: This year marks the 20th edition of Ekko, an ideological festival experiment. Ekko creates vibrant spaces with experimental and electronic sound, harmonizing with the local environment and audience. It highlights new genres and musical roots.

Ekko promotes diverse expressions—sound art, experimental sound, and electronic dance music. These artistic forms feature complex themes but can be enjoyed without deep technical knowledge.